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Personal Loan

Personal loan is especially for salaried workers who needed emergency cash loan for personal purposes. These loans known as unsecured loans, which mean you get the borrowings without giving any collateral. These loans are advanced based on the borrowers’ credit profile and their ability to repay the loan from their salary.

Requirements for personal loan
To qualify for the personal loan you must show that you have been employed for at least 3 month, with 3 months’ payslips. In addition, you need to furnish 3 months bank statements to proof your income. You can also provide the latest EPF statements, which will show you are really a salaried worker. Lastly, the other incidental documents are IC copy and Utility Bills.


Business Loan

Business loan is a loan that is for business owners for emergency cashflow needs of their business operation. It could be business financing, SME business loan, corporate loan, working capital loan and factory loan. The loan can be used for business operational purposes, business expansion and urgent capital expenditure requirement.

Requirements for business loan
Our services are easy to apply with low documents requirements. Besides, we also provide fast business loan approval once all documents are provided. Lastly, we are known to be quick in loan disbursement after loan approval. Moreover, we also offer a flexible loan tenure, which allows you to make an early settlement if you have excess cash.


Home Refinancing

Refinancing loan is offered for borrowers who have properties. Borrowers can apply for a cash surplus based on the market value of the real estate and the bank’s existing loans. It can be short term as well as long term. You can also qualify for this loan, even if you are CCRIS or CTOS blacklisted. However, the differential of current outstanding charged and the property market value must be quite substantial. Or else it may not worth to get the cash out.

Requirements for home refinancing
The basic requirement for this loan is that you must own a property, whether it is a land, residential or commercial property. Secondly, that property must be preferably freehold, and definitely cannot be on Malay Reserved Land. Thirdly, you must also show your repayment ability, such as your 3 months’ payslip and bank statements for employees, and 6 months’ company bank statements for business owners.


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